Cajuns are known for their zest for life and the zing in their culinary creations. From gumbo and jambalaya, to andouille and dirty rice, each dish is bursting with mouthwatering flavor. At the heart of each recipe is a blend of spices that give Cajun dishes their slightly sour taste and fiery bite. Adjusting the combination of these spices can create a mild fire or a wildfire, depending on your preference.

It’s All About the Ingredients

So what are Cajun spices? The core of a Cajun spice blend is almost always crafted using salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cardamom and ground cumin. These spices give the blend its salty and slightly citrusy taste.

Once the base is established, paprika and mustard powder are added, which gives the blend a little bit of heat and a little bit of sweet. Added to this is a touch of dried thyme and a pinch of dried oregano and basil, which brings a hint of minty flavor and a distinctive aroma to the recipe as it simmers.

Many Cajun recipes also include cardamom and caraway seeds, which create a subtle and earthy licorice-like aftertaste. For the coup de grâcecayenne pepper is stirred in. The more pepper, the more bread and rice the diner is going to need to absorb the capsaicin setting the spoon on fire.

Cajun spice rub can be used to create a vast variety of dishes. It can be baked, barbecued, broiled, braised or fried without losing its flavor. It is popular in stews and does fabulously on the grill. It is also popular for preserving meats and is a "go to" spice for creating sausages and jerky.

2 Gringos Chupacabra

At 2 Gringos Chupacabra, we have created a Cajun spice blend that you can use for whatever suits your tastes. We’ve taken the best of the best ingredients and blended them together to craft a rub that is a beautiful balance between sweet and sour, sugar and spice.

Our Cajun Blend, as with our other blends, is not just for a signature Cajun dishes like shrimp or crawfish, etc. It can be used on food items from any vegetable to any meat and on blackened fish as well… it just doesn’t get any better!

We are constantly asked, “Why don’t you have a seasoning for this or that?” Honestly, who wants to clutter up their pantry with bottles of spices that’ll only get used two or three times a year? We are known as “The Season-All!” Our blends taste different on each food item so let your mind and taste buds wander a bit – if you like it on fish… try it on steak or hamburgers or vegetables!

When you are ready to kick things up a notch in your cooking, contact 2 Gringo's Chupacabra and we'll point you in the right direction to the rubs and seasonings that will make your creations the talk of chefs all over town.